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Brett Rosenthal on the Elite Agent Secrets Podcast

Revolve Philly Group’s Brett Rosenthal Featured on Elite Agent Secrets Podcast

Elite Agent Secrets Podcast

Our own Realtor, Brett Rosenthal was selected and is now live on the Podcast Elite Agent Secrets.

About the Elite Agent Secrets Podcast:

We’re Real estate agents responsible for generating billions of dollars in transaction volume.

We share everything we have learned from rubbing shoulders with some of the best in real estate.

This show is for everyone in real estate who wants to learn trade secrets that no one is sharing to increase earnings, grow their business, and create freedom for themselves and their families.

We get the secrets you want, the tough lessons that have been learned, and how they beat the odds from some of the most successful visionaries and thought leaders who practice Real Estate.

Brett’s Topics:

On the podcast Brett discussed Philadelphia, his team and the following topicsL

  1.  Why Brett likes working on a team
  2.  How Brett get’s so many listings
  3.  What made Brett a successful Realtor

If you are a real estate agent, listen to this podcast as you can learn tons of ideas on how to grow your Real Estate business.

You can listen to Brett’s episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or any other podcast platform.  Click here to listen to the episodes.  If you want Brett to be a guest on your Podcast, contact us.

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