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Compass Find My Agent

Introducing Find My Agent

The hardest part of being a Realtor is when you sell your clients home and then they ask you to help them find a home in an area that you are not familiar with. As Realtors in the Greater Philadelphia Market, we have clients looking for winter homes in areas like Georgia, North Carolina and Florida and we love helping our clients wherever they are going.

Before we came to COMPASS, finding our clients good Realtors in other markets was always a challenge. We would scramble to find a good agency in the market the client was moving to and hope that they were the right fit. It was never easy and providing quality service to our clients no matter where they move is our top priority.

At COMPASS, we have Find My Agent. It’s part of the Compass App and we are able to enter any Realtor anywhere in the country and see what they have sold and where to narrow down and find the perfect Realtor for our relocating clients. Its simply amazing! In turn COMPASS agents all over the country have been able to refer their clients to The Revolve Philly Group.

Watch Two Examples of Find My Agent In Action

If you are looking for a top Realtor in Philadelphia, contact Brett Rosenthal or any of us at Revolve Philly Group. If you are looking for a good Realtor anywhere else in the country, let us find the perfect person for you with Find My Agent. Contact us today to get started!

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