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Private Exclusives

Compass Private Exclusives

Listing your home as a private exclusive allows you to control what information is shared about you and your Greater Philadelphia home while still getting exposure to top agents at Compass.  The home will be visible, but it won’t be exposed to the MLS or external real estate sites.

What to expect

A private exclusive listing is an off-market home that can be shared by a Compass agent directly with their colleagues and their buyers.
Property details aren’t disseminated widely and won’t appear on public home search websites like Zillow or  Compass agents from all over the country will be able to view the listing and suggest to their clients and you will keep the privacy aspect of the sale.

  • Discretion

    Privacy is the ultimate commodity and the decision to sell your home is a personal one.

  • Flexibility

    Decide when to share details about your home, including price, more broadly on your own timing.

  • Quality

    Retain exposure to Compass agents, including premium placement on our agent facing platform.

  • Value

    Get the best offer by testing the market privately to gather key insights without your listing getting stale.

Reasons why you might choose to sell your home as a private exclusive:

  • New job or relocation
  • Family changes like marriage or divorce
  • Evolving financial circumstances
  • Health issues
  • Valuable belongings like art or furniture
  • Opposition to holding open houses

Privacy of Private Exclusives

My clients and I tested an aggressive price as a Private Exclusive on Compass. Another agent brought buyers to see the home and they submitted a full price, all cash offer within days. My clients said this was the easiest, no hassle sale they’ve experienced!

David S & Victoria H, Agents San Francisco Bay Area
Greater Philadelphia Homes

The Perfect Scenario of when to use Private Exclusive:

You want to list your property in the New Year, but don’t want to accumulate days on the market during the winter holidays when everyone is either in holiday mode or on vacation.  Listing the property as a private exclusive is perfect in this scenario.  The property will still be seen by all Compass agents and you may just get a good offer without ever putting it on the MLS.  Worst case, it builds interest so that when it goes on market, there is tons of activity.

We can list the home as a Private exclusive in Philadelphia with a price or without a price.  You always have full control and it can be adjusted.

The Compass Private Exclusive program is not available in all markets and local policy definitions may restrict how Private Exclusive listings can be shared between agents, even within the same brokerage. Where the program is available, pre-marketing and listing strategies are independently determined by the client. Compass does not recommend one particular strategy or guarantee results.  Private Exclusive is available in the Greater Philadelphia market that The Revolve Philly Group specializes in.

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