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Around The Neighborhood:

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Philadelphia, you’ve probably heard of the Olde Kensington section of the city. This historic neighborhood has been undergoing a transformation in recent years, and it’s now one of the most desirable places to live in Philadelphia. In this post, I’ll give you an overview of Olde Kensington and some of the homes that are currently for sale in the area. Olde Kensington is located just north of Center City, between Fishtown and Northern Liberties. It’s a bustling neighborhood with plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as art galleries and performance venues. The area has experienced a lot of new construction in recent years, but there are still some historic properties mixed in among the newer ones. If you’re looking for a home in Olde Kensington, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. There are several new construction developments that have gone up in recent years, like Oxford Mills and Kensington Courts. Or if you’re interested in a more traditional Philadelphia row home, there are several beautiful examples on offer as well. Prices in Olde Kensington vary depending on the type of property you’re interested in, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $300,000 to $1 million for a home in this neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a new construction development or a historic row home, Olde Kensington has something to offer everyone. This neighborhood is experiencing a resurgence right now, making it the perfect time to buy a property here. If you’re interested in learning more about homes for sale in Olde Kensington, or any other Philadelphia neighborhoods, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to help you find the perfect home for your needs!

Reasons to buy a home in Olde Kensington:

1) Lots of charm and character – The homes in Olde Kensington were built primarily in the late 19th century, and they have tons of charm and character. If you’re looking for a historic home with original features, this is definitely the neighborhood for you. 2) Close to public transportation – One of the best things about living in Philadelphia is that you don’t need a car to get around. The SEPTA bus and El stops are conveniently located throughout Olde Kensington, making it easy to get around without a car. 3) Tons of great restaurants and bars – In recent years, Olde Kensington has become known for its great food scene. There are tons of delicious restaurants and bars dotting Girard Avenue, making it easy to find something to suit your taste buds. 4) Friendly neighbors – One of the best things about living in Olde Kensington is the sense of community that exists here. Everyone knows everyone else, and it’s not uncommon to see people out walking their dogs or taking a stroll down the street. 5) Affordable housing – Compared to other neighborhoods in Philadelphia, housing prices in Olde Kensington are relatively affordable. This makes it an ideal place to buy your first home or investment property.

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