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The Iconic Liberty Place Skyscrapers in Philadelphia

The Iconic Liberty Place Skyscrapers in Philadelphia

1 and 2 Liberty Place

If you are considering moving to Philadelphia, then you have likely heard of the iconic Liberty Place skyscrapers. Located in Center City, these two high-rise buildings—One Liberty Place and Two Liberty Place—are some of the most recognizable landmarks in Philadelphia. Let’s take a closer look at what makes them so special.

History of the Buildings

The story behind One and Two Liberty Place begins in 1983 when developer Willard G. Rouse III proposed an ambitious plan for a pair of skyscrapers that would rise above the Philadelphia skyline. It was no small feat; at that time, there was a 200-foot (60 meter) height limit on buildings in the city. But after a lengthy legal battle, Rouse’s vision became reality and the two towers were completed by 1989.

Tower Design

Each tower is 57 stories tall, with One Liberty Place standing 945 feet tall and Two Liberty Place standing 846 feet. Both towers feature postmodern designs with their signature stainless steel spires rising above their roofs. One Liberty Place is home to many prestigious Philadelphia businesses, while Two Liberty Place serves as a shopping mall and features residences.

One Liberty Place is an 945-foot tall skyscraper located on 1650 Market Street. It was originally built in 1987 and was the tallest building in Philadelphia until 2007, when it was surpassed by the Comcast Center.

Two Liberty Place is an 846-foot tall skyscraper located at 1717 Arch Street. It was built just one year after its sister tower, One Liberty Place.


Views From Above

From the observation deck on top of One Liberty Place, visitors can enjoy stunning views of Center City as well as nearby attractions like Independence Hall and Love Park. On clear days, you can also see far beyond the city limits into Pennsylvania’s countryside or across to New Jersey’s Camden County. This unique perspective gives visitors an appreciation for just how much this city has to offer its residents!  To keep it simple, One Liberty Place has a long point, Two Liberty Place does not.

There is no denying that One and Two Liberty Place are iconic landmarks that help define the landscape of Philadelphia. Whether you are visiting or considering a move to this great city, make sure to check out these impressive skyscrapers for yourself! They provide unparalleled views of this vibrant metropolis from high above its streets, making them truly unforgettable experiences for all who visit them!

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